The ASCO Institute for Quality, LLC, is leading the development of CancerLinQ™, a cutting-edge health information technology (HIT) platform that will revolutionize how we care for people with cancer.  By enabling us to learn from each of the millions of individual patients living with cancer nationwide, CancerLinQ will improve the quality and value of cancer care for all.

CancerLinQ’s development is well under way. Once complete, CancerLinQ will aggregate and analyze a massive web of real-world cancer care data in order to:  

  • Provide real-time quality feedback to providers:  CancerLinQ will enable oncology practices to measure how their care compares against guidelines and compares to their peers based on aggregated reports of quality, offering instant feedback and guidance for improvement.
  • Feed personalized insights to doctors:  CancerLinQ’s real-time clinical decision support will help physicians choose the right therapy at the right time for each patient, based on clinical guidelines and the experiences of many similar patients. 
  • Uncover patterns that can improve care:  Powerful analytic tools will reveal new, previously unseen patterns in patient characteristics, treatments and outcomes that can lead to improvements in care. 

Visit the new CancerLinQ website.