Application Cost

QOPI is an ASCO member benefit with free participation to all outpatient practices with at least one ASCO member in good standing. For QOPI Certification, cost is determined by the Medical Oncologist and Hematologist Clinical FTEs at Participating Site. An additional fee covering the on-site survey may be applied depending on number of infusion suites, distance between sites, as well as patient volume. 

Cost for QOPI Certification (3-year term)

QOPI Certification Program FTE Price Ranges

1-3 FTE’s  


4-6 FTE’s


7-9 FTE’s


10-15 FTE’s


16-20 FTE’s


21- 30 FTE’s


31- 40 FTE’s


41-50 FTE’s




50 + FTE’s

Request Invoice from QCP Staff:


Situational expenses for large, multi-site practices

A large, multi-site practice may submit a single Certification application where each site of the practice is located within a geographic distance of 250 road miles from at least one other site of the practice, as measured by the shortest route between such sites. 

For practices that have one or more sites that are located more than 250 road miles from the next closest site, QCP may divide the practice into regions.  The practice will consult QCP regarding the appropriate manner of applying for QCP, but QCP has the sole discretion to establish the geographic regions.

Certification payment is not refundable. The Certification payment is made at the time of application and covers the duration of the Certification term (if Certification is awarded). 

Payment Options for QOPI Certification (One Payment Per 3 Year Term)

  1. Non Certified Mail: Make Checks Payable to QOPI Certification Program at Institute for Quality, LLC P.O. Box 890237 Charlotte, NC 28289-0237
  2. Certified Mail: Make Checks Payable to QOPI Certification Program 2318 Mill Road Alexandria VA, 22314. Attention: ASCO Finance Department Phone: 571-483-1669
  3.  Electronic Payment Information (Wire) Domestic Payments ASCO Institute for Quality (QOPI) Bank
  4. Online Credit Card Payment 

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