Continue your commitment to Excellence through Re-Certification

The QOPI Certification term is three years from the date your practice earned your QOPI Certification

Please ensure that your practice participates in a QOPI Chart Abstraction round and acheives an eligible score prior to submitting an application for recertification. Your practice should plan to apply 9-12 months in advance of your expiration date in order to maintain a continuous QOPI Certified designation. If your practice successfully achieves certification prior to your expiration date your term will be extended an additional three years. The table below includes an example timeline, please understand that each practice's timeline is unique.

Proposed timeline sketch for the Spring QCP Application round

Next Steps and Process for the Spring QCP Application round

Complete Spring QOPI Abstraction by May 9th

Abstract the QCP Module and Receive Eligibility to Apply for QCP on June 1st. Final Reports will be released May 21st. 

Early June  2017

Apply for QCP (Submit application and payment at the time you apply)

Early –Mid June  2017

Practice notified with instructions on submitting randomly selected charts and standards (You will have 4 weeks to submit).

Mid July  2017

After Charts and Standards are received you will achieve  Recertification Pending status; You will be sent a conflict of interest questionnaire regarding the assigned surveyor.

Late July-Mid August  2017

Practice is notified of surveyor within 2 weeks of pending status and surveyor given permission to contact practice

Late July –Early September 2017

Surveyor will work with your practice to schedule survey, confirm date  (within 4-6 weeks), and complete the On-Site Survey.

4 weeks post-survey

On-site review report will be sent to practice and list any requirements

Mid February  2018

Practice requirements are due to be reviewed and approved. Your practice can submit responses any time after the review but the last date they can be submitted will be February to allow us time to review.

March-Early April  2018

Re-Certification is Awarded for current term

(Recertifying practices are encouraged to apply 9-12 months prior to their current term ending)

Fall 2018

Participate in QOPI with one module (plus the core modules) for maintenance of certification