Certification Policies

QOPI Certification polices are used to guide practices in the QOPI Certification process. All policies can be requested by writing to QCP Staff at qopicertification@asco.org

Information and Data Released from the QOPI Certification Program

ASCO will not release any information or performance data, without the specific request of the participant. However, with practice opt-in, ASCO will transfer a practice’s certification status to health plans or other entities selected by that practice. Complete details regarding information being sent will be included at the time of opt-in.

QOPI Certification Score Waiver Review

  • Practices that did not achieve the QOPI Certification scoring requirement can request that the QOPI Certification Oversight Council review the scoring decision.

  • Reception of a waiver is based on a finding that unique characteristics of a practice unfairly disadvantaged the practice’s performance, relative to specific QOPI measures, impacting their overall score

  • Requests must be received within 10 days of receiving quality scores

Repeat On-Site Survey Policy

Following review of a practice’s QOPI Certification Application and completion of the on-site survey, the QOPI Certification Program (QCP) may, in its sole discretion, determine that an additional on-site survey is necessary to evaluate the applicant practice’s qualification for QOPI Certification. QCP may, in accordance with the procedures set forth in this policy, require an additional on-site survey, if there is discordance between the practice’s reported adherence to one or more policies and procedures relating to QCP standards and the Certification Surveyor’s observations during the initial on-site survey or if QCP otherwise determines that further personal observation is needed to assess the practice’s qualifications for Certification.

  • QCP staff shall notify the applicant practice that a repeated survey is required within eight (8) weeks of completion of the survey report for the prior survey
  • QCP will appoint a different Certification Surveyor to perform the repeated survey, consistent with the procedures in the Conflict of Interest Policy Implementation for QOPI® Certification, Waiver, Appeals, and Revocation
  • The practice shall bear the cost of repeated survey


Practices that apply for, but do not achieve QOPI Certification, may appeal the decision to deny Certification in accordance with the terms of the QOPI Certification Appeals Process.

Conflict of Interest Policy for QOPI Certification, Appeals and Revocation

Consistent with the ASCO Conflict of Interest Policy, this Policy Implementation provides mechanisms for minimizing potential conflicts of interest through each phase of the QOPI Certification and Appeals Process.

Extension of Practice's Final Deadline

QCP recognizes and appreciates that achieving Certification is time consuming and requires the commitment of scarce practice resources. For this reason, practices are given a full year from their Certification Pending date to complete the requirements to achieve Certification. QCP will only grant extensions to meet the requirements for Certification when an unforeseen and uncontrollable act of nature occurs within 60 days of the end of the practice’s Certification Pending period. Staffing and personnel changes are not grounds for an extension. QCP strongly recommends that all practices complete the requirements for Certification at their earliest opportunity.

Requesting an Extension

New Practices seeking an extension must make a formal request in writing to qopicertification@asco.org. The request must include information regarding the basis for the extension. Extensions will be granted at the sole discretion of QCP and will be for a maximum of 30 days. Practices requesting an extension will be assessed a $250 administrative fee.

QOPI Certification Program Revocation Procedure

To continue to ensure that our standards are met, the Certification Program has adopted revocation procedures that allow the Certification Program to investigate complaints concerning a Certified Practice. Each practice investigated under the Procedures is provided with due process, including written notice and opportunity for a hearing. The basis for revocation of Certification under these Procedures includes the following:

  • Final conviction or admission of a crime by a Certified Practice or any member thereof that is related to the delivery of quality oncology care;
  • A final finding or admission of gross negligence or willful misconduct by a Certified Practice or any member thereof that is related to the delivery of quality oncology care;
  • Fraud or misrepresentation by a Certified Practice or any member thereof in the application or maintenance of QOPI Certification; and
  • Breach by a Certified Practice or any member thereof of the Practice’s Participation Agreement, including but not limited to failure to adhere to the QOPI® Certification Participation Guide, QCP’s Logo Use Guidelines, QCP’s License Terms and Conditions, QOPI® Certification Participation Agreement, and other related policies.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Significant practice transactions, such as mergers and name changes, must be reported to the QCP within thirty (30) business days. We do not automatically transfer Certification to new owners or practices that have merged. QCP will assist you in determining whether the sites that were QOPI® Certified will retain their certified status following the merger, pursuant to QCP™’s policies. Failure to notify us of major changes to your organization can result in a loss of certification.

Merger and Acquisition Form