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Who Can Apply for QOPI Certification?

Any U.S. outpatient medical oncology or hematology-oncology practice site may apply for the QOPI Certification Program. For the purposes of certification, a group of oncologists registering as a practice should have a common Tax ID and business address. If the practice does not share a common tax ID, we may use other defining features of a “practice” such as the use of the same policies and procedures across all office sites or by demonstrating that staff rotates across all sites, identifying a centralized person or entity in charge of implementing polices across all sites, and use of a common EMR.  To become QOPI Certified as a practice, an applicant must demonstrate to QCP’s satisfaction that all of its office sites are functionally integrated.

 Practices with unique arrangements or those seeking QOPI Certification for a subset of a larger practice should contact

* QOPI Certification is open to a limited number of countries outside of the U.S. at this time; for more information please contact us at