Multiple Publications laid out

QOPI Publications

The publications listed below explore and explain the QOPI® and QCP™ programs.

Review these useful resources to learn more about how QOPI affects Quality Improvement in the field, in your practice, and in cancer care. 

Publications: Program History/Description

Eric C. Schneider, MD, MSc
November 1, 2009
Journal of Oncology Practice
Neuss, Desch, McNiff, Eisenberg, Gesme, Jacobson, Jahanzeb, Padberg, Rainey, and Simone
September 1, 2005
Journal of Clinical Oncology

Publications: Measure Performance

Zerillo, Pham, Pamela Kadlubek, Severson, Mackler, Jacobson, and Blayney
March 1, 2015
Journal of Oncology Practice
Neuss, Malin, Chan, Kadlubek, Adams, Jacobson, Blayney and Simone •
March 1, 2013
Journal of Clinical Oncology
Jacobsen and Wagner
April 1, 2012
Journal of Clinical Oncology
Campion, Larson, Kadlubek, Earle, and Neuss
May 1, 2011
Journal of Oncology Practice
Kristen K. McNiff, Michael N. Neuss, Joseph O. Jacobson, Peter D. Eisenberg, Pamela Kadlubek and Joseph V. Simone
August 10, 2008
Journal of Clinical Oncology